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Search Engines

Internet Search Engines

  • Altavista - Also has multimedia searching & language translations.
  • Answers.com - Quick, integrated reference answers instead of just search engine links.
  • Alltheweb - Uses the Yahoo! index.
  • Excite - Search engine with a variety of search functions.
  • Google - Popular search engine with a number of very good options for searching.
  • Scirus - Finds scientific information.
  • Teoma - Searches using subject specfic popularity which ranks a site based on the number of same-subject pages that reference it, not just general popularity.
  • Vivisimo - Organizes search results into meaningful categories.

Subject Directories

  • Academic Infonet - Educational subject directory.
  • About.com - Searchable directory.
  • Accessnz - Directory of New Zealand sites.
  • Dmoz - Open directory project maintained by volunteer editors.
  • Excite - Searchable directory.
  • infomine - Scholarly internet resource collections.
  • Librarians Internet Index - Features dozens of high-quality websites carefully selected, described, and organized by librarians.
  • Te Puna Web Directory - Directory organised by the National Library of New Zealand.
  • Yahoo - Searchable directory.

Specialised Search Engines

  • CompletePlanet - Finds specialised databases and specialty search engines usually hidden from other search engines.
  • Dogpile - Meta-search engine.
  • Kartoo - Meta-search engine.
  • Profusion.com - Search engine of search engines.