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Library Group Study Room Bookings

Group study room

You can book a library study room via the online booking system using your Unitec username and password.

How does it work?

Simple! It’s a 100% self-service system where you can book, modify or delete your own room booking.

The study rooms will remain unlocked (except in Building 1), so just show up at the room at your booking time. For Building 1, ask for access code from the staff at the B1 desk.

What types of rooms are available?

  • Hub Library: 7 rooms in various sizes. Room 1 holds 8 people, the rest 4-6 people.  All rooms have a white board and some of them have TV with built-in DVD player, TV with built-in VCR player or wall monitor TV screen.
  • Language Learning Centre (also inside the Hub Library): 3 rooms all with a white board for up to 4 people.
    Please note: these rooms are only bookable after 4:30 pm Monday-Friday and during opening hours on weekends. 
  • Building 1: 1 room for up to 8 people, with a whiteboard, TVs with built-in VCR players, and a DVD player.
  • Waitākere library: 6 study-rooms on level 3. All child friendly.

Whiteboard markers are available for borrowing at the service desk

What are the booking limits?

To ensure fair and equal access to these spaces for everyone

  • You may book up to 2 hours per group per day and have one outstanding booking any time.
  • Multiple bookings will be deleted.
  • If rooms are not occupied within 15 minutes of a scheduled booking time they are available for other groups to use.
  • Please be considerate and vacate the room on time, leaving it tidy.

Book your group study room by logging in now or contact the library.