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Fines and Fees

Fines are charged for all overdue items especially high demand items. Fines begin to accumulate as soon as items are due. Unpaid fines of more than $5 may result in a suspended library account. Unpaid fines may prevent you receiving your graduation certificate or prevent re-enrolment.

Payment of fines and fees

Payments can be made by the following 3 methods:

Credit/Debit card
Current students can pay online via Make a Payment in your student portal account.
Eftpos Available at all Unitec libraries.
Internet banking
Account name: Unitec Institute of Technology
Unitec Bank account number: 06 0287 0317573 00
Particulars*: Your Unitec ID Number (eg 1406568 ) or username (eg millej15)
Code*: 198000 90LY


Your name (The field is limited to 12 characters. If your name is longer abbreviate the first name to one letter, eg J MILLER).
If you pay by internet banking there will be delay of several days before your payment shows on your Library record.

NOTE: The library and Ask Me desks will soon no longer accept cash. Current students can pay online via Make a Payment in your student portal account.

Changes to overdue fines

From 11 February 2019 we will no longer charge overdue fines for 'general loan items' unless the item is recalled by another library user. 'General loan items' are on the open shelves in each of our Unitec Library locations.

Overdue fine amounts

Reason for fine Fine per item Maximum fine
Overdue general loan items No fine No fine
Overdue 2 hour short loans - course reading items on short loan / desk copy items 50 cents per HOUR $50.00
Overdue 24 hour short loans * $4.00 per day $50.00
Overdue 3 day short loans * $4.00 per day $50.00
Overdue recalled items - ie items that another user has requested to borrow $1.00 per day $50.00
Overdue interloan items 20 cents per day $20.00

* Fines on short loan items

For short loan items the fine is calculated from the time overdue and increases for each day following. For example, an item returned 20 hours late will incur an $8 fine - $4 for the overdue hours on the day it was due, plus $4 for overdue hours on the day it was returned, irrespective of the time the item was orginally issued.

Lost item fines

Once an item is overdue for 8 weeks, the library considers it lost and the borrower will incur a replacement cost charge. If the item is returned the replacement cost is waived. Usually overdue fines will then be applied. However, from 11 February 2019 overdue fines will not be applied for general loan items after a lost general item is returned.

How to avoid fines

  • Know when your loaned items are due back.
  • Use My Library Account to keep track of your library loans.
  • Take an issue receipt if using the self-check machine.
  • Bring recalled items back by date specified in recall notice - these attract large fines.
  • Read your email reminders from the Library - overdue & recall notices are always sent to the ‘preferred’ email address in your Unitec record. Update your email address in the Unitec MyPortal, Student Self-Service feature.
  • Register for overdue reminders and recall notices to be sent via text to your mobile phone.
  • Never lend items you have borrowed to anyone else. Any fines or fees incurred on these items are still your responsibility.
  • Don't ask others to return items for you. You are liable for all fines and fees incurred on borrowed items.

What to do if you have an overdue item

Difficulties returning item
Personal problems like illness can sometimes prevent you from returning items on time. If this happens to you contact the Customer Services Specialist at your library branch and request special consideration. You may be required to provide documentary evidence such as a medical certificate.

Problems paying fines

If you have a large fine, and/or will face hardship paying your fines and fees off in one payment please speak to a library staff member at the desk. We will be able to deal with the matter immediately in most cases. Where it cannot be resolved, you will be referred to a Customer Services Specialist at any of our libraries. Email or phone the Library if you cannot visit.

Policy on late returns and fines

Items you borrow are due back by the due date. A list of all items borrowed and their due dates is sent to your ‘preferred email address’ monthly and is also available under ‘My Account’ when you login to LibrarySearch. It is your responsibility to return items by the due date and overdue notices are sent as a courtesy only.

Once an non-general item becomes overdue, fines will increase until the item is back at the library and discharged by library staff. If books are not returned within 3 months of the final due date, they will be marked lost, and the replacement cost will be added to your account. If this debt remains outstanding for a period of three months, the debt may be forwarded to our debt collectors, Baycorp.

You may be blocked from borrowing until overdue items are returned and fines/fees paid. Large fines, unpaid fees or overdues may also limit your access to Unitec and other institutions. There are serious consequences if you have large fines, unpaid fees or very overdue items. It can affect your enrolment and access to services (see section 4.9. of the Library Policy). For guidance on resolving problems with fines see information above.