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Locating the Information

Physically locating an item in the library can be a little challenging if you have not used our collection before. Please ask for help if you are having difficulties.

Locating Books

OPACsThe first step is discover where the book is. You can do this by searching our library catalogue.

Once you have found the record of a book you would like you will need to check which library the book is held in, its status, and the call number. Do this by clicking on the Locations tab.

Book is available in LibrarySearch Book is not available in LibrarySearch

Book StacksTo find the first item on the list above, you need to note down the call number 624.0687 PRO.

Each shelf is labelled with the number range of books it contains. Find the shelf that holds the 658's. As our books are organised numerically, you will be able to run your eye along the spine labels and locate the exact book you need.

What happens when the book isn't there and the catalogue says it should be?

  • Check around the area, behind other books and on the floor. Our shelves do get untidy and books get out of order.
  • Check the shelves above and below where the book should be.
  • Check the shelving trolleys and shelving stacks in case it has been recently returned.
  • Ask an information librarian to help you find it. They can check you are looking in the right place.
  • If you still can't find it, place a request on the book and a staff member will try and find it.

Locating Journals in Print

Print journals are shelved numerically like books but are in a separate section.

To find a print journal you will need a call number which you can get from the catalogue.

Locating journals in LibrarySearch

Journal StacksEach shelf is labelled with the number range of journals it contains.

To find #1 on the list above, find the shelves that contain the 690's. You will be able to run your eye along the box labels and locate the journal you need.

JournalsThere may be several boxes of the journal containing a different year, volume and issues.

What happens when the journal isn't in the box?

  • Check the other boxes. Journals get out of order easily.
  • Check the reshelving trolleys at the end of the shelf.
  • Ask an information librarian to help you find it. They can check you are looking in the right place.

Locating an Article from a Journal

If you have been given or have located a citation you need from a journal, follow the steps below.

For example, if you had to find this reference:

Stewart, T. & Raman, A. (2007). Lessons from Toyota's long drive. Harvard Business Review 85 (7/8), 74-83.

  1. Search for the title of the journal in the catalogue, ie. Harvard Business Review

    Example of Harvard Business Review

  2. The call number for this journal is 658 HAR and the Locations information shows we have Volume 85, Issue 7/8. Note that is journal is also available online.
  3. As you can see from the picture above, this journal is held at the Main Library. Using the call number we can find the boxes of this journal on the journal shelves.
  4. Find the boxes labelled 658 HAR.
  5. Look in the box labelled 2007. Find issue 7/8.
  6. Turn to page 74 and you will find the article.

Locating Electronic Journals

Some journals will be available electronically as well as in print. Others will only be available electronically. The catalogue record will tell you if there is an electronic version of the journal you are interested in.

To get to the electronic version of the journal you will need to choose which database you want to use by clicking on the link from the catalogue record. Some journals will only be available in one database; others will be available in several. Clicking on a link brings up a menu of all the years that are available online. By choosing the year of the issue of the journal you want, you can navigate to the specific article.

Locating an Article from an Electronic Journal

Locating an article from an electronic journal

Alternatively, you can find a specific article in a database by searching the author, title and journal fields.

For example, to find this article:

Signorino, M. & Winter, W. (2008). Childhood obesity and diabetes. Current Medical Literature: Diabetes, 25(1), 1-16

  1. Search the catalogue or the Journals A-Z list to see where the journal Current Medical Literature: Diabetes is indexed. It is indexed in Academic Search Complete.
  2. After opening the Academic Search Complete database, enter relevant search terms such as the author, journal title and title keywords into the search box. Change the search field by using the drop down menu.

example of search boxes in EBSCO


This will find the article you are looking for.

pdf full-text link